Industry Experience

Manufacturing Plant Automation Full manufacturing plant logistics management. Real-Time tracking of parts and materials throughout the plant. View critical and actionable data captured from plant floor machines, robots (PLCs), scanners, sensors, cameras and other devices. Information and alerts reported in multiple formats including via email, pager, visual displays, sounds, digital voice, or paper and in multiple languages.

Online Educational Tools for Teachers
The ability to quickly customize the teacher’s lesson plans and related materials to the specific needs of the individual child has been a goal for teachers for a long time. First, Second, and Third grade teachers can now manage their lesson plans and create individualized materials for their students online very fast.

Field Service Tracking & Management Field Service Tracking & Management Delivering superior field service in a timely manner is key for a successful field-service organization. Cloud based system.

Automotive OEMs Contract development resources and database designers throughout multiple countries.

Manufacturing - Job Shops Job shop management system to handle a full array of accounting requirements, inventory, BOM and sub-contracted services. Electronic communications with customers and vendors integrated right into the system. Real-time feedback to management.

Cut-To-Length Inventory Control Systems Inventory Control and accounting systems that go beyond the standard "purchase two...sell one" concept.

Manufacturing Representatives Customer-Rep-Manufacturer communication and sales tracking. Specifically for those representatives working on the two-three year sales cycles; Those who work in teams who travel; Those who need to manage multiple commission structures; Those who need to communicate electronically with OEMs and manufacturers.

Health & Safety Incidents Tracking at facilities throughout the world Tools for convenient and rapid reporting of Health and Safety Incidents at multiple locations via the internet.

Multi-Office Real Estate Listings and Commissions Management A complete suite of tools for small to large Real Estate Companies with multi-location. Manage multiple types of commission structures, Listings management, advertising, remote updates and management tools to evaluate performance in many areas.

Trade Union Membership Management Systems A complete membership management system to handle all membership functions including multiple funds such as pension, vacation, insurance, apprentice and general. Also available, a special contractor's module that provides a quick and easy method of reporting via mail, fax, email or internet.

Procurement tools for tracking projects as big as 1 billion dollars Project Management and project cash management for large projects reaching One Billion Dollars. Tracked and integrated the purchasing processes with Project management tools to provide management with cash flow requirements. Also, integrated document tracking of blue prints, any other documents and all forms of communications related to the project with project management applications.

Survey Entry Applications via CD, email, internet Tools available to gather information from customers, vendors, partners or internal staff on a one-time or continuous basis.

Tele-communications bill auditing tools Phone and other Tele-communications bill auditing tools for medium to large corporations. Monitors access fees and usage rates, create high and low alarms. Track and confirm cancelled services are no longer being charged and reimbursements have been received. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in erroneous charges.

Manpower planning tools Manpower planning tools for long term projects. Integrates Microsoft Project with project trend database and imports actual manpower hours to create a dynamic long range planning tool.