The ISGI Team
Interactive Systems Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 to provide network and data based software solutions that better integrated and automated business processes. We focused on the idea that technology, properly connected and integrated, could allow a business to be more productive and profitable while making the lives of everyone involved easier.

Even before we incorporated in 1994, the ISGI Team was providing custom application development and application integration services using Microsoft's database, server, and application development tools. We saw early on that a good application alone does not make a business more productive nor does it make the overall business processes easier to navigate for the team. Only by using technology to automate the business processes in an integrated design are the benefits truly realized. Many of our customers manage their organizations using tools we developed for them or integrated with their existing vendor solutions.

John M Wassenberg

ISGI since 1994/Industry
Senior Application Designer
Project Management/Team Management
Kirk Bower Mary Ann Schaefer
Nick Wassenberg Mary Ellen Wassenberg