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Software Development

Project Based Development

Programming Resources are provided on an

  • Hourly on a Full or Part-Time basis
  • A Project Team
  • Project Based
Custom Windows Based Applications can connect all the data flowing through your organization and provide management with the real-time actionable data needed to compete in today’s fast paced data driven business environment.

Mobile Solutions for your mobile workforce with applications running on the iPhone and iPad and Android and Windows based devices. Your application can securely access your company’s internal application data or access your data within the Cloud… keeping your team in sync.

Advanced Website Capabilities can now allow your organization to rollout to your team focused productivity tools in a very short period of time. Tools that can be used on most all desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Cloud Based Solutions provide a cost effective way to rollout your applications to your team while keeping costs down and application access speeds high.

ISGI is a Silver Partner with Microsoft’s Partner Network. We work with Microsoft’s latest Visual Studio tools, a comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools that our team uses to ensure quality results. Language focus and platforms includes VB, C#, WCF,, HTML5, SQL, Office365, Azure Cloud, and more…

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